What is Pikoversum?

Pikoversum is more than just a new Breedable. We have combined virtual breeding with resources and assets. Every item in Pikoversum may be traded. Even Breedable food can be resold. Art in the form of Breedables and assets are the core topics of Pikoversum. The breedable-engine of Pikoversum is unique and allows breeding offline from Second Life purely in the web portal.

How to start?

Get our free HUD or Ankh at our Partner Locations.

Will there be more Breedables?

During programming, the possibility of easy implementation of new Breedables was considered with top priority. Pikoversum can be used as a 3rd party platform for new Breedables in the future. With this we want to give artists the opportunity to easily integrate their own Breedables (or 'breedable art') into the Pikoversum environment. Inworld (in Second Life) Breedables are technically just a display. All operations such as mating and feeding run 100% on our server. Our engine can be used for 3D Animesh Breedables without any problems as well.

Why not a 3D Animesh Breedable?

Our engine also supports 3D Animesh Breedables and a migration from our Unicorns to 3D is also possible afterwards. Nevertheless, the focus should be on the artistic work. New Breedables don't have to be animals either. New content for a 2D Breedable can be created easier and with higher quality and will always focus on the artistic work.

About Pikoversum

Pikoversum is divided into Breedables (e.g. unicorns) and Assets (resources, buildings, raw material sources, bonus objects...). The home area is freely configurable. You can define which information should be displayed here. There is a mail system integrated which can also visualize new messages via the Pikoversum Ankh as well as our HUD. Every Pikoversum user has a level. The level increase can be achieved by a higher population.

A marketplace is available for trading Breedables or any other assets. In our store you may purchase various things such as Breedable food or raw material sources (e.g. forests).

To facilitate trade relations, L$ may be deposited at our terminal. In return you will receive Pikos (PKS). With Pikos you can also buy Breedable starters, food and other things at our store. A direct exchange (by us as the operator) of Pikos into L$ is not intended. PKS is NOT a currency and we as a provider do not act as a bank! However, you can transfer or sell your PKS to other users. The acquired credits may then be used by the new owner (to be considered as a gift card) for purchases at the marketplace or at our store (food, starters).


There are the following assets in Pikoversum:

Some assets can be crafted by yourself, others can only be obtained through events. Especially raw material sources like forests, quarries, etc. can be bought (only) in limited quantities at certain times in our store or purchased at promotional offers. Pikoversum will be continuously expanded with content. Needs and dependencies between Assets and Breedables will emerge in the future.

Assets may have three different rarity classes. Rare, Epic and Legendary. This status is automatically displayed when selling at the marketplace.

Yield and production

All assets that produce something (manufactory buildings) or output raw materials (e.g. forest) automatically generate these goods. At fixed times, calculations will be performed 4 times a day and the goods will be automatically credited to your account. Regular reports will be implemented, which will provide information about your yields (by mail).

Marketplace & Store

The Pikoversum marketplace offers the possibility to sell any assets and Breedables. It was our goal to design Pikoversum in such a way that there are almost no exceptions regarding the offering of goods. We even allow the reselling of Breedable food or potions. Even rare items that were obtained through special gifts or events are not excluded from trade. The marketplace is under continuous development and will provide more features in the future. Like the Petrades marketplace we want to promote and enrich the inworld trade in Second Life. Live auctions are a part of the Breeding culture and will always be fully accepted and encouraged by us.

Current listing fees: 1 PKS per listing with a duration of 365 days. Renewal costs 1 PKS for a further 180 days.

In our store, various goods can be purchased such as food for Breedables, basic resources and buildings. However, it is our top priority not to negatively influence trading at the marketplace. The store also offers starters for breedables.

Population and level

Every user has a player level. The level unlocks certain things. (e.g. the crafting of certain buildings). The level increase is achieved by a certain amount of population. An achieved level cannot be lost even if you starve your population.

Population is used to achieve higher levels but will also be important for future events, functions and concepts. The increase or loss of population is calculated and executed every 24 hours. The more food surplus is available, the faster your population can grow every day.

Ankh & HUD

The Pikoversum Ankh and HUD are available to every user for free. The Ankh is the gateway between our web portal and Second Life. It is responsible for rezzing inworld items such as Breedables and Assets. The (main) ankh may only be active once per user. By rezzing a new Ankh, all other (main) ankhs will be deactivated. Nevertheless, one satellite ankh (Sat-Ankh) will be allowed to be active per region and user!

The HUD and the Ankh can be used to log in to the web portal. Both visualize when new messages have been received. While the Ankh is mandatory for using and trading Breedables or assets in Second Life, the HUD can be used optionally. However, we highly recommend its use so that you can immediately see the receipt of new messages.

Both (Second Life) items do not generate any lag and run under minimal resources.

Obtain the Pikoversum Ankh and HUD for free at our Partner Locations.

Mobile devices

The development of the web interface was created with the Bootstrap framework. This framework allows easy display of web content on different devices. Usability on smartphones (purely in the browser) has the highest priority in the development of Pikoversum. With almost all browsers, shortcuts can be placed on the 'desktop' on mobile devices and thus websites like our portal can be accessed comfortably. In the settings you can adjust the scaling for mobile devices (zoom factor). For Android we recommend the browser Hermit which offers fullscreen and a scaling function.

About Breedables

Breedables can mate in Pikoversum both in Second Life and purely through the web portal. To ensure that only the desired Breedables mate in the web portal, there are Pairing-Groups. (more on this later under Pairing-Groups)

Your Breedables don't need to have food put in front of them. You can determine which animals should consume food and which should not be fed. The food is a resource and can also be traded. In order for your Breedables to eat, you only need to have a stock of food. Each Breedable automatically consumes one unit of food per hour. If feeding is stopped, animals become hungry and can no longer breed. When hungry animals are fed again, they consume 2 units of food per hour until they are fully regenerated. Depending on how long feeding was stopped, it may take days until the animal is regenerated and ready to mate. However, animals cannot die and will also stop feeding once they have passed their mating age.

In order for Pikoversum to be perfectly adapted to mobile devices, it is possible to hide the columns or change the way the information is displayed. (e.g. a smaller image or stats text).

Pairing Groups

Pairing groups exist so that breeding is possible via the web portal. A pairing between two Breedables can only happen within the same pairing group. Groups can be assigned to each Breedable (only one per Breedable). Groups can be limited by age or number. Any excess Breedables will then be killed automatically. There are 3 default groups which cannot be deleted.

At the current time, up to 20 groups can be used. Pairing groups are not required for breeding within the Second Life world. It should only be ensured that the Breedables are in group #1 (SL). In the settings, however, the use of pairing groups within Second Life can be activated if desired.

Inworld Pairing

For inworld mating within Group #1 SL, female Breedables must be within mating range of males. The default range may be adjusted at the web portal. However, it is also possible to define an individual range for each male Breedable. The range represents a square on X and Y axis with a maximum altitude difference of 5 meters. The 'Region' setting allows to extend the mating range to the complete region, regardless of altitude differences. It is not necessary to define a range for female Breedables. Individual mating ranges of Breedables will be automatically reset in case of an ownership change.

The feature 'Global-Pair' provides the possibility to pair Breedables belonging to different owners.

Breeding Rules

Breeding Rules are intended to automate or support breeding projects. Based on criteria you specify, the Breedable can be automatically moved to a group after birth. Also, the Breedable can be brought alive right away.

The rules are applied in the order from top to bottom. Example: The 2nd rule can override the 1st rule. The order of the rules can be changed.

Time parameters

Paramters for pairing times (recovery) as well as feeding tolerances may be different depending on the Breedable type.


Hungry Breedables consume double the amount of food until they are fully recovered.


Breedables may be killed individually, by multiple selection (maximum 100) and automatically (based on group limits). Depending on the age of the Breedable, a resource is distributed when it is killed (e.g. meat). There is always a chance to get a special item or resource when killing.


Although we do not want to disclose the exact probabilities of genetics, our goal is to keep genetics as transparent as possible. When pairing, multiple generations of ancestors are considered for the inheritance of traits. (Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents).

In the lineage overview (detail view), a prevalence value is shown in parentheses. This percentage value represents how frequently a trait occurs in the lineage. If two breedables are paired, which have a trait in both bloodlines up to the great-great-grandparents (prevalence value 100%), the trait is inherited to the offspring at 100%.

Background images are excluded from regular genetics depending on the breedable. (e.g. unicorns). In principle, breedables can inherit the background due to their genetics, but the chance is low. If two breedables with a high background prevalence value are paired together, the chance of inheriting the background is significantly higher, but still very low. This is intended to make background images play a very special role in Pikoversum. The background of a breedable can be extracted with a spell and transferred or sold to another breedable.

Crafting (Breedable specific)

For each Breedable there are specific assets (buildings / resources). Buildings such as a stable can increase the maximum capacity of the Breedable. Some assets unlock certain crafting options. For example, the ranch unlocks the crafting of potions and spells. Crafting will be continuously extended and exciting elements will be added. We have many concepts but also already planned functions for new potions or buildings (e.g. bonus buildings which reduce the food consumption or allow the production of own food.

Stable capacity

There is a maximum stable capacity for Breedables. When this capacity is exceeded, the mating of Breedables will be stopped. Breedables will only mate again when the population is below the stable capacity.

Stable capacity is divided into 'Alive' and 'Unborn' breedables. A basic stable capacity is granted for each user. The maximum stable capacity can be extended by assets such as a stable or bonus assets.

Starter / Limited Editions

New traits and backgrounds of Breedables can be obtained by breeding starters. New starters are updated regularly through our store and are sometimes offered in limited quantities. We explicitly refrain from using starters that are represented with non-heritable traits. Our artists prefer to focus on designing traits that are also available to the community for breeding.

The chances of getting new traits by breeding with starters is not disclosed. Which new traits can be obtained also remains a surprise. Nevertheless we will try to keep some transparency. For example, there are no rivets in the starters and maybe we give a little hint in the description of the starters what you can expect.

Trading Breedables

Breedables may be sold for L$ or Pikos (PKS). As soon as a L$ price is selected, a 'pay' price is set inworld for the Breedable. This means that the Breedable can be bought by other users via 'pay'. Of course you can also define a 'buy' price manually. Breedables with only a 'buy' price will not be listed on the marketplace.

Breedables can be sent to other users at any time via the mail system. If you have agreed on a deal outside the marketplace, for example, you can also define a claim price when sending the Breedable. To transfer Breedables via the mail system, you only need to know the Pikoversum user ID of the recipient.

Web Portal

An essential component of Pikoversum is the web portal, where all users, breedables and assets can be managed. This means that even if a breedable is unusable or broken in Second Life, it might be rezzed again at any time. The web portal is designed for optimal viewing on mobile devices and is compatible with any desktop or smartphone browser. You may also access our store and the official marketplace comfortable via the web portal.

You may access the web portal through your Pikoversum Ankh or with the help of the Pikoversum HUD. Obtain it free of charge at our Partner Locations.

Tamer Game

The Pikoversum Tamer Gamer offers a fascinating way to earn money and have an exciting experience at the same time. While you actively search for tamable unicorns, you'll have the unique opportunity to discover new and exciting places in Second Life.

Each successfully tamed pet will be transferred to your Pikoversum account as a Breedable. There are also locations that offer assets as rewards.

The process of taming can be observed on this How to Tame page!

Second Life is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc. Pikoversum is not affiliated or sponsored by Linden Research.